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Unsticking the Stuckness

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So, what’s going on around this place? …Quick! Answer this question:

Are you happy and content today?

What about these questions?

Do you wake up every morning, in a mostly stress-free state?

At the end of the day, do you feel like you’ve accomplished what you wanted to?

Do you have the time you would like to devote to creativity?

I have a strong feeling that you may have answered “No” to some of these questions.

But it’s OK!

We’ve all heard that saying “Happiness is a journey, not a destination.” But stress, lack of time for ourselves, and all the other stuff that filters through our day – and prevents us from accomplishing our desired goals – make that journey a challenge!

If you are looking for help managing your stress, accomplishing what you WANT to (not just doing the stuff that has to get done… like laundry… ick!) and making sure you have time for the stuff that makes you smile, then the Forest of Healing is a super destination for you!

The Forest of Healing is a place where you can find inspiration, suggestions and a new way of getting where you want to go. What I mean by “where you want to go” is the sweet spot in life. The place where your creative and spiritual needs are being met and everything else is falling into place effortlessly.

Whether you are looking for a quick tip or activity, a self-paced course, or one-on-one coaching and support, the Forest has a resource for you!

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All my Best! Steph