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I wanted to share a blog post by a talented artist I very much admire: Lisa Congdon. She is a lesbian and the post is about her response to a comment she received on her Instagram feed concerning the anniversary of her marriage to her wife.

Her blog post really hit a chord with me today and I felt the need to put my two cents out there in support of people who aren’t straight, white, Christian, or otherwise “average.” (please note the “quotation marks” on average)

Read Lisa’s post HERE.

I like how she wrote about the incident – with a matter-of-fact statement of where she stands. With regard to the person who left the comment on her Instagram, I feel very strongly that each person is entitled to their own opinion and, in the U.S., we are entitled to freedom of speech and freedom of religion.

However, I feel that these freedoms do not excuse using good judgement in when/where/how we share our opinions and beliefs.

If no one asks you, you should not feel compelled to share (obviously) unwelcome beliefs on someone else’s social media platform. If you are so compelled, share your beliefs on YOUR OWN platform (as I am doing here). 

I feel it is a very poor decision to make (as Lisa states in her blog post) “blatant homophobic comments with deeply sanctimonious religious overtones on the Instagram feed of a lesbian artist with 54,000 followers.” It is my opinion that a person who does such a thing (assuming they are not just a garden-variety internet troll), is very misguided. Praying that a gay person will see the light and change their “lifestyle choices” is not about your love for that person, but rather an opportunity to pass judgement and take a righteous stand.

Where there is love, there is no room for judgement or righteousness.

(side note, in case you care: gay is not a lifestyle choice. Going to church, or driving a luxury car, or pursuing skydiving as a hobby is a lifestyle choice. Gay is a label people use to help describe themselves. Just like I use “female,” “white,” and “American.” Disagreeing with, or not understanding, my lady-ness, lack of ethnicity and U.S. citizenship doesn’t change these things about me.)

Once upon a time, in my 8th grade social studies class…

I learned about libertarianism (NOT Ron/Rand Paul political party Libertarianism… I DO NOT get into politics on this blog or any of my social media accounts so let’s not get into that… I’m talking about the social belief system libertarianism).

This is a belief system that states (and please understand, this is my own poorly worded description!): each person should have full liberties to do as s/he pleases up to the point where those liberties encroach on the liberties of others.

In the U.S. we have a lot of freedoms.

In addition to observing the religion of our choice, and pretty much being allowed to say what we please, we also have the freedom to turn off television shows that offend us. To un-friend FB acquaintances who have lifestyles we do not support. And to turn away from that which we do not understand or agree with. 

I feel very strongly that, assuming another person is not physically abusing you, or harming you in some way, or actively limiting your ability to be free in your own choices, then their gay-ness, religious-ness, weird-ness, idiotic-ness, white-ness, black-ness, or whatever else is different about them, is none of your concern.

If they share something you don’t like it, turn away.

Unless, of course, they say “hey world, I’m gay! How do you feel about that? Please comment below!” In that case, have at it. Tell them they are going to burn in hell… or that you love them and support them… or ask them on a date, if they’re cute.

For the record…

I believe that consenting adults should be able to love any other consenting adult whom they please. Whether that’s a man, a woman, a man who used to be a woman, a woman who used to be a man, and everyone in between.

It’s totally ok if you don’t agree with me. That’s your right and I respect it wholeheartedly. But be warned, I didn’t ask you.

All my love,

All my Best! Steph

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