Got change? Yeah, me too!

Change Quote - Alan Watts

Have you ever jitterbugged with change? Maybe your change is closer to some Saturday Night fever disco action. I think my change has been like that frantic, sweaty scene from Flashdance where Jennifer Beale goes crazy to Maniac. Except in my case there is a lot more cellulite.

Life has been a bit of a whirlwind and I’ve been way more on the go more than usual. Two BIG changes have been a major part of this. It’s all good, of course!

Change #1. My (not-so) little baby graduated from high school. 

My (not-so) little babyYIKES! How did this happen?! I remember with crystal clarity the minute he and I first laid eyes on each other. I was all “omg! he’s beautiful!” He was all “[blink] [scowl] why did you let them yank me out of your warm, cozy womb, lady? [blink] [blink]”

But lo-and-behold, that was almost 18 years ago. And now the fruit of my loins is nearly an adult. With a diploma, a job, higher education plans for the Fall… and a need for much less input from me.

However, in my defense, leading up to his graduation date was super crazy and between you, me and the fence post, I’m glad it’s over. Although he’s my only one, so… yeah… it’s really all completely over…

Change #2. I quit my job.

I loved my co-workers, but a corporate girl I am not. By no means was it a rash decision – almost 2 years of planning preceded the change – although I’m sure you can imagine that it was (and remains!) an enormous thing to handle.

I’ve worked for myself in the past; freelancing, consulting… whatever you want to call it. But in the past it was out of necessity. This time, I made a conscious decision to say sayonara to a steady paycheck and people I enjoyed spending my days with.

What I’ve found is that even change I’ve consciously decided to make is difficult. Making the decision felt no less turmoil-laden than the time I was suddenly let go from a job. Weird, huh?

Change can be hard, no matter how it happens.

We often focus on the difficult changes. But even wonderful changes like having a baby or getting married can take a huge toll on our inner balance. Although a new human or a honeymoon certainly does a good job of distracting us while we get used to the newness of it all.

I’ve written about change several times over the years:

The ONE thing ya gotta have for change to happen and Is fear of change keeping you in a cage? – give those a read if you struggle with change like I do!

Got Change? - processing change worksheetAs I’m working through my latest changes, I’ve developed some ways of thinking about change in general. I put it all together in a PDF worksheet so I could share it with you.

Click the image to download it. You can print it or complete it digitally (it’s editable and save-able!). If you’d rather, you can even just copy down the questions and answer them as journal prompts if that’s your thing.

I’d love to hear what you think and if YOU have any helpful ways of processing change. Write something in the comments, email me, or give me a shout through my contact form (click the Contact tab)!

Enormous hugs,

All my Best! Steph

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