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The Basics.  My name is Stephanie Capps Dyke and I’m a certified coach who focuses on helping people overcome personal and professional challenges. Turn their obstacles into opportunities. An “unsticker of stuckness” you might say!

I’m also a writer, artist, e-learning guru, training facilitator, certified professional behavior analyst, and mama bear to a teenage cub. You may also find me creating and carousing the interwebs under the nom de plume Stephanie Cake.

Bottom Line. I think the most important thing to know about me is this: why should you care you I am? Well, I’m a pretty neat-o gal but most importantly, I have some excellent stuff to share with you. Ready to turn your creative passion into a small business? I’m a licensed Right-Brain Business Plan facilitator! Feeling stuck in your career or relationships? I can help you unstick the stuckness! Not sure what you want to be when you grow up? Guess what? Many people don’t! But I’d love to help you be different from everyone else.


What really matters. Want to skip the rest of my story and just check out what I can do for you? I totally understand. The rest of this page is just my ego talking! Take a gander at these links:


Allegedly, I’m kind of ironic. I have a varied background with uncommon dynamics… Art school graduate who ran away from the creative life for a while… Corporate Human Resources professional who can’t quite understood why people don’t like their corporate HR professionals… Imaginative mess-maker who adores structure and organizing things… e-Learning developer who never remembers her email password… Skeptic who loves crystals, spirituality and became a reiki practioner… Cynical sarcasm-meister who is curious about people and delighted by their unique personalities… Girl who hated school but looooves to teach people stuff…

I have a few mad skills. As far as credentials, I have a graduate certificate from University of Maryland, Baltimore County in Distance Education; a BFA from Virginia Commonwealth University; a certificate in  coaching from the American Society for Training & Development; am a licensed professional behavior analyst through TTI; and am a licensed facilitator for the Right-Brain Business Plan Workshop.

I know life can be frustrating. The idea of the “Forest of Healing” comes from the daydream-y idealism of my childhood but also from my adult journey where I have finally seen the proverbial forest for the trees. A lot of soul searching, working the wrong jobs and barking up the wrong trees has brought me immense clarity about my life and my purpose. I love the opportunity to share what I’ve learned with other people who can benefit from my experiences, successes, and mistakes.

Did I mention I adore you? I’d like to see you be happy and successful. I am manifesting my vision of the person I am meant to be. Perhaps the somebody who was blossoming in the idealistic little girl many years ago who loved to take walks in the woods but got lost for a little bit. And I want to help other people do that same for themselves. Hopefully with a few less frustrations and challenges than I have stumbled over in my journey. I truly believe that magic and miracles are around every corner if you are on the lookout for them!

All my best,

All my Best! Steph

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  1. staci bryant

    Hi Stephanie,
    I am a friend of your mom and she told me about your website so I could check it out. I love your message and I hope to research your site more along my journey.
    Have a great day!
    Staci Bryant


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