Unsticking the Stuckness

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Unsticking the Stuckness

Stuckness: (n.) Stagnation; based on any variety of personal circumstances. May relate to relationships, career, creativity or personal development and growth.

Unsticking the Stuckness: (v.) Forward motion. The application of incremental positive growth and change to personal circumstances using creative and spiritual resources. See also: “being your own life coach.”

What is Unsticking the Stuckness?

Unsticking the Stuckness is a creative + spiritual exploration and personal development program aimed at helping you identify and remove (or better handle) obstacles that are a challenge to creativity, relationships, spirituality, productivity, work and happiness.

The program uses a creative approach to guide you through a proven framework. The framework is aimed at allowing you to work through the process at your own pace and identify successful unsticking on your own terms.

Do you find yourself thinking these things?

  • My job is ok but I wish it was more fulfilling.
  • I am a creative person but I never get to express my creativity like I wish I could.
  • I try really hard but I don’t feel like I’m making much of a difference in the world.

Bottomline, what exactly does this course help you do?

  • Resolve creative blocks and figure out how to feel more energized
  • See yourself and the world around you in an inspiring way
  • Gain perspective in relationships and have more fulfilling interactions with others
  • Evaluate the current state of your life and create a plan to improve it

What does the course consist of?

Unsticking the StucknessYou’ll find worksheets, activities, guided meditations and all sorts of goodness to assist you in your journey to unstuckness. By the end of the course, you’ll have a tangible “portfolio” including your exploration work, progress reports and plans. This will provide an incredible visual documentation and reminder of your journey. Sort of like your own operating instructions!

We’ll also conduct several live calls where we will discuss the activities and you can share your experiences and ask questions. Finally, there is a private Google+ group where you can share your experiences with classmates anytime.

Why should I Unstick my Stuckness?

Well, here’s some tough love… If you aren’t ready to open yourself to creative exploration or don’t believe that you have potential, then you shouldn’t take this course. However, if you have any inkling of your vast creative and spiritual potential, and want to explore all that goodness, then this IS the course for you!

We all learn about ourselves in different ways and at a different pace. Unsticking the Stuckness is designed to give you guidance and ideas for taking this journey and finding the potential within you.

What kind of potential are we talking about here?

Am I claiming Unsticking the Stuckness is going to help you write a New York Times’ Best Seller, achieve the perfect meditative state, or some other magnificent thing? No, not at all. But it will help you do the little things that can lead to those big things!

Small shifts in our thinking and our activities are the things that end up giving us the courage, insights, and frame of reference to make monumental changes and take on grand tasks. These shifts are at the heart of what many life coaches and mentors help us work toward.

We all have potential to contribute something important to the world. For many of us that potential lies untapped. We may see bursts of it at times but we often don’t know how it arrived and, unfortunately, it often slips between our fingers before we get a good grasp on it.

Opening ourselves to a creative and spiritual journey is one profound way of popping the cork on our potential. Does it take work? I’m not going to lie to you. It does. There is no one activity I can offer you that will open the floodgates of your potential. In fact, the activities that work for one person, may not resonate with another. But here is the wonderful part, Unsticking the Stuckness isn’t a rigid set of operating instructions!

The activities are designed to let you explore and be creative. To add your own spin. To open your thought process and allow you to consider new possibilities for yourself. To UNSTICK YOUR STUCKNESS!

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